About Mark

Mark Martin is the founder of Vermont Bicycle Club! His idea was born of working with Vermont Bicycle Shop to create a larger and more welcoming community to cyclists of all ability levels. He loved the idea of building a community of cyclists who are interested in enjoying the outdoors in an easy going, non-competitive environment. Don’t let his mild temperament and patient pace fool you, he’s faster than you up hills and he can ride for days, as long as there’s plenty of bathroom stops.
Mark has a lifetime of experience in cycling who enjoys warm sunsets, long walks on the beach, and riding Kingdom Trails.

“I want a space where anyone can feel good about coming out for a ride. I like to host those rides where they’ll feel welcome and won’t feel intimidated or self conscious. Whether they’re new to cycling or haven’t been out on a bike for a while Vermont Bicycle Club is about making sure it’s easy to find a friendly group to ride with.”