The Gravelcat!

What began as an homage to Alley Cat bicycle events has become a fun tradition at Vermont Bicycle Club.

A rambunctious and wack-a-doo fun alleycat style bike ride event on the backroads of Vermont put on by the coffee and bicycle communities of Barre and Northfield.

With the Gravelcat you can either start at Espresso Bueno in Barre, VT and end at Carrier Roasting Coffee Shop in Northfield, VT, or start at Carrier Roasting and end at Espresso Bueno.
You can ride any route you want as long as it’s where bicycles are allowed or if you provide proof of written permission to access private land for your route.

Pick either coffee shop as your start, collect an email or paper receipt (this has a timestamp on it)
Espresso Bueno ONLY does email receipts.
Then on to the next coffee shop. While enroute to the finish you must take a selfie at a scenic hilltop view somewhere on your chosen route. There will be time bonuses for certain activities or actions before or during the event. The other coffee shop is your finish. Purchase something there and get a receipt which will have a time stamp.

PRO TIP: if you buy something ahead of the event and enter your details, you can save time on the day of!

To learn more about the Gravelcat check out the page for the event last year! Click here.