Our Friends: Vermont Bicycle Shop

Vermont Bicycle Club is present by Vermont Bicycle Shop. Just minutes away from several well established bicycle destinations in the North Eastern United States including the Millstone Trails. Vermont Bicycle Shop happily offers service solutions and experience with the most technically advanced cycling products as well as a quick pump-up for the neighborhood kids’ bicycles.

As a child Darren saw the bicycle shop as a steward and ambassador to the community. Much in the same way as the hardware storethe barber, and the coffee barista; to him the bicycle mechanic was an important person, a role model.

Vermont Bicycle Shop was registered as a business in 2014. Originally when Darren moved to Vermont he had planned to find a small community to open a bicycle shop and live. After moving to Barre Darren met the owner of a local bicycle shop and agreed to partner and run the store for a season. The location at the top of Millstone Trails was scenic and made for a wonderful bicycle commute home.

It served as a confirmation for Darren that he was ready to to fill the shoes of the community bicycle shop owner.

After a year in business Kris joined the team. Quickly finding success and building up his own list of certifications Kris has become a staple of the Vermont Cycling Community. In May of 2019 Kris founded the non-profit Pride Rides VT. Focusing on expanding inclusivity to bicycling in Vermont for LGBTQIA+ people for both new and experienced riders.
Kris is an avid mountain biker, and experienced bicycle commuter, and bicycle adventurer.

Vermont Bicycle Shop continues in the tradition of the local Vermont businesses in downtown Barre and Barre Town in serving the community. Vermont Bicycle shop offers community resources and discounts to volunteers who serve the Millstone Trails Association and other volunteers in the surrounding community.

With numerous certifications, over 20 years of professional bicycle service, and with a firm grasp of both the latest technologies as well as the long standing traditions in servicing bicycles Vermont Bicycle Shop provides expertise and friendliness in servicing your cycling investments.

“There are a lot of great places for Vermonters to find bicycles and service, so thank you to our customers for choosing and trusting our shop!”
-Darren Ohl, Owner