About Kelsey

Kelsey has lived in central Vermont her entire life. There aren’t many dirt roads around here she hasn’t been on. Gravel riding is her favorite, she also enjoys a small amount of trail riding and some road riding on occasion. Kelsey loves climbing hills for miles and miles just as much as She loves a short easy ride. Her favorite rides include small town cemeteries, cows, small ponds, and new biking friends. She’s always up for an adventure!

Kelsey’s hope in leading group rides is to get more people out on two wheels and to support women in feeling more confident in their riding.  She loves encouraging others to ride and loves the connections that develop when a group of riders come together for the first time.

“I know it is hard to show up for that first ride and I want to help riders in central Vermont feel more comfortable by creating an inviting and inclusive riding environment.”

If you have any questions or need a boost of encouragement to show up for one of our rides don’t hesitate to contact Kelsey at kelsey@vermontbicycleshop.com.  

“I look forward to riding with you soon!”