The Pizza Ride

Join Us!!
From April through October join us for an easy-as-it-gets-in-Barre 30 minute bike ride that ends at Pearl St. Pizza! (Pro-Tip: PSP opens at 3, if you order ahead of time, your food can be ready when you get there!) Enter your email address below and click on Pizza Ride (you can also pick any other rides you want to know about)!

Our family friendly 30 minute bike ride twists through the back streets of Barre towards Currier Park (and probably some streets you’ve never even been on). Then we head up towards Nelson St. with one super short walk-able climb. After some barely noticeable elevation we’ll end up at Onward St. Then before you know it, back to downtown for some pizza at Pearl St. Pizza.
Route details are at the bottom of the page.

Important Details:

There is no fee or cost for joining us on our bicycle ride. We do require a waiver to be signed.
A casual family friendly paced ride leaves from Vermont Bicycle Shop 4pm sharp on the first Saturday of each month. We will ride, weather permitting, from April through the end of October. Our rides will and end at Pearl St. Pizza, which is less than a block away from the shop.

  • Expect to see riders stop frequently and cheer on other riders and to keep the ride group together.
  • We welcome all bicycles (especially ebikes!) and bicycle riders of all ability levels. Each ride will have a guide at the front and a friend at the end to help folks along the way.
  • Your ride sitcker: All riders must fill out a waiver (click here to fill it out now) in order to get a sticker before the ride. The ride sticker is required for each ride. If yours is missing, just ask and we can verify and get you a knew sticker.
  • All minors must be accompanied at all times by a supervising adult.
  • All riders are required to wear a helmet at all times on the bicycle ride.
  • You should bring a bicycle lock for the post ride fun at Pearl St. Pizza.
  • Everyone must be able to self sustain the safe working order of their bicycle (meaning, your bicycle should be in good working order and ready to ride before you join us). Give us a call a day or so ahead of time if you need some adjustments.
  • We are a guests at Pearl St. Pizza, only complete kindness towards the staff at Pearl St. Pizza, their patrons, or any other people we encounter (anywhere on the bicycle ride) is acceptable. This is a zero tolerance rule.
  • Weather: 45 degrees and warmer on dryish days we’ll certainly ride as long as the streets are snow/ice free. Basically if it is even close to nice out I’m riding my bike, how about you? If there is expected rain more than a slight drizzle we will not ride. In the early months we will probably avoid riding below 45 degrees. Fall rides we will might ride! When in doubt give us a call and ask!
Check out our Things to Know Before Joining Us page for a complete list of rules, suggestions, and guidelines.

Special Pizza Ride Events:

Sometimes we have special rides like a Take Over ride, like when our friends in Pride Rides come and take over the Pizza Ride.
There is also the variation we call The Not Pizza Ride, which is just the Pizza ride, but to a different restaurant like The Meltdown, or to Kevin’s house where he is grilling out for us.
Field Trip rides typically happen outside of the normaly scheduled Pizza Ride. The Not Pizza Ride is the same as our regular Pizza ride in every way, except for the end point, where we might end up at a different restaurant or maybe Kevin’s House, where he will grill out for us.
We will also on occasion host a Field Trip ride. It’s just like it sounds, we’ll travel somewhere else to have a similar ride experience. Field Trip rides are usually a little longer, probably less hilly, and will usually happen on Sundays without disrupting the normal Pizza Ride schedule.

Route Details: