Rides and Discussion

We typically post new rides and discussions via our facebook group page and via the posts below. Facebook memberships are not required to join our rides and you can always email us (kris@vermontbicycleshop.com or darren@vermontbicycleshop.com) or give Vermont Bicycle Shop a call if you have any questions about any upcoming rides.

  • Bike Rides and Discussions

    Currently the bulk of our rides are still sort of impromptu gatherings, we do have a couple of regular rides like The Pizza Ride. You can join us on our Facebook Groups page and on our Group Rides and Discussion page to find out where our latest rides are happening as well as general news……

  • Winter in Vermont

    Hiya Club! As the weather is kind of wonky, we will be transitioning to a kind of hit and miss ride schedule. While some of us will probably get a ride in when we can, I’m holding off scheduling rides until things dry out enough to hit the gravel. I can’t sit on a trainer,……

  • Vermont Bicycle Club Weekend – Archived

    Good morning Vermont Bicycle Club! I hope you all have been getting out and enjoying the beauty of this world, wherever you may be. I will not be leading a ride this weekend, but I encourage everyone to GET OUT IN THE WOODS or on gravel and get your adventure on!

  • October mountain biking at the Kingdom Trails! – Archived

    WOW! The colors are really starting to pop! There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Vermont than being in the saddle! Since last weekend was a bust, we are headed back to the Northeast Kingdom and once again riding at Kingdom Trails! The trails close the end of October, so this is one……

  • Women’s No-Drop Ride Saturday October 2nd – Archived

    If you have been thinking about joining one of our women’s rides come ride with us this Saturday (October 2nd)! We will depart from the Berlin Pond parking area at 2:00. Before departing we will decide as a group if we want to tackle the hills and ride around the pond or take it easier……

  • Sunday ride at Kingdom Trails! – Archived

    Good Wednesday morning! Fall is HERE! What better time to mountain bike at the Kingdom Trails? Especially with all the new trails that have been built this year/ So…meeting Sunday at 9 AM at Martin’s Bridge to head up there this weekend! These are SOCIAL rides, with many bail out options. So consider joining us!