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We’ve made our own social media platform for club members!

Log in or create an accout at

A lot of people are interested in riding bikes with us and talking and sharing online, while also wanting to avoid f**ebook. So we created our own social network. It’s our own network hosted on our own website. This means your information isn’t farmed or used in some wierd way. There is no algorythm that will only show you posts that make you mad. There is no advertising or manipulating posts from some bot farm. There’s no hostile takeover from a guy who owns an eleectric car company. Just us, talking about bikes and bike rides in a safe space.

How do I:

Create an account?
Add friends?
Find rides?
Find and join groups?
Post a ride?
Download the App?

Create an account?
To create an account go to and click the Create an account button. From there you will see the Create an account form. Fill the information out (be careful about avoiding typos with your password!). After you enter your info and click the Create an account button. After that you will get a confirmation email almost immediately. Check your spam/junk mail folders if you don’t see it in your inbox. Confirm your account and then you can log in.

Add friends?
When you first log in you will see the main Newsfeed which will have posts from other users. If you wish to add any of those users as your friend, click on their name and you will be taken to their profile where you will see a button that says Add Friend on the right side of their profile.
You can also find members by taking a look at the different Groups pages. To learn more about Groups pages see the Find Rides? section below.

Find Rides?
The Vermont Bicycle Club Members page is set up like a social media site. There is a Main News Feed. There are Groups (do not create a new group!). Unlike other social media sites, our groups function as post topics you can subscribe to. If you came here and are only interested in learning about Mountain Bike rides you will join the Mountain Bike Group. Then when you visit the page and someone posts about Mountain Bike Rides to that group it will show up on the main page. If you are not a member of the Mountain Bike Group then you will not see any posts about mountain bike rides. The idea is that you can join or leave whichever groups you want and then will only see group posts you are interested in.

Find and join groups:
After you have logged in you will see a menu button on the top right, in some browsers the menu is already open on the right and you will see a list of different links including Messages, Friends, etc.
Below that you will see Groups with a down arrow next to it. Click that down arrow and you will see Groups again in the sub menu. Click on Groups and you will see a list of Groups. You can click on each group and there you will be able to Join that group. You can also post in these groups as well. In fact, if you want to post a ride, be sure it to post it into the group that best fits the ride.

Post a ride?
It’s important to post rides to the corresponding group. If you end up posting a ride to the main news feed then it will most likely be deleted or moved to the corresponding group. If you are posting generally about going for a ride and wanting to meet up with folks, certainly feel free to post to the main News Feed.

Download the App?
Currently Vermont Bicycle Club Members page is not on the App Store. You can still download the “App” though.
For Iphones: In the Safari Browser go to do not log in. If you are logged in automatically, then log out and go to
At the bottom of the screen you will see the Share icon:

After clicking the Share icon, a small menu will show up at the bottom of the window, scroll or drag up and you will see the text Add to Homescreen.

After this you will be given the option to name the App, by default it is Vermont Bicycle Club. Then click Add in the top right. You will now see the Vermont Bicycle Club icon on the wall of your Iphone.

For Androids:
In the Chrome Browser go to do not log in. If you are logged in automatically, then log out and go to
Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner)

You should see the text Add to homescreen. Tap on that text.

You can name the app whatever you like, it should be Vermont Bicycle Shop by default, then Chrome will add it to your home screen.