Join us! Gravelcade DIY Ride: An Unorganized Post Thanksgiving Ride

Out of abundance of caution Vermont Bicycle Club has decided to cancel the Gravelcat DIY. We’re interested in being safe, and while We certainly like a good old fashioned hair brained scheme of a bike ride, We also want it to be fun. With the weather tomorrow it just doesn’t look like a good idea to drag folks out to the middle of nowhere.

It’s a classic Darren Whackadoo with all the trimmings including such popular hits as:

  • Is it a real road?
  • We’re only a few hundred feet away from the road
  • Get your head out of my line Mark.
  • I think this will be a new way we can connect these two routes
  • This is a lot steeper than it looked on the map
  • I didn’t know what bike to bring so I brought them all
  • Just over there is where Kris and I got lost and had to live in the woods for three weeks. It was alright.
  • We’ll probably have to hike this bit
  • There won’t be that much snow at the top
  • And many more!!

Ride Details:

Friday, Nov. 26 gather at a little after 9:30am
Departing Millstone Trails Parking (44 Brook St. Websterville) at 10:00am SHARP!

A Team rides a gentle 16 miles with fantastic views on mixed pavement and gravel roads.

B Team rides the dumbest collection of the poorest excuse for roads in all of Vermont, 32 miles, I don’t know what bike to bring.

There is no fee, there is no organized effort. We’re going to go for a bike ride and you all are invited to join us. There will be no police escort or blocked off roads. There will be traffic. There will be no organized rest stops. There will be snacks among friends. There will be amazing views, wild “roads”, fun, welcoming, and friendly people who want to show you the amazing places around Barre, Vermont.

Generally when we go out for rides together our rides are no drop rides, meaning we do not ride at a significantly fast pace and we wait and regroup a little more often than every turn, we also usually take turns hanging back with the slowest riders and make sure everyone is doing ok. It’s wise to be aware of the distance and elevation for each ride in order to ensure you can complete the distance. Generally the guideline for knowing if you can do longer ride is if you have ridden 1/2 the distance and 1/3 the elevation 3 times in the past month.
This ride is a no drop ride with Post Apocalypse Rules.

Links to maps and route files:

Here is a link to the longer B Team route and where you can download a GPS file:

Here is a link to the shorter, smoother A Team Route and where you can download a GPS file:

What are Post Apocalypse Rules?

Post Apocalypse Rules mean that while we’ll be glad to wait at every turn for folks who are a little bit behind, at some point, we’ll recognize that waiting for you might impact our own survival and decide you are on your own to fend off the ghouls. We’ll make arrows out of sticks or draw arrows in the gravel at each turn for you. Hopefully you don’t get eaten by zombies or raiders or COVID deniers.


Social distancing or masks when gathered and still.
Hi vis (blaze orange, red, yellow, etc) article of clothing it’s hunting season!
Rear flashing light.
Water bottle or hydration.
Your bicycle in good working order.
A flat repair and simple field repair kit.
Emergency contact info to carry with your bicycle.
An adventurous spirit ready for riding across creeks, uphill muddy hike-a-bike, and riding places you never thought you’d go.
Small tokens of appreciation for the ride leaders.

Good ideas:

A front light.
Cash (in case one of the general stores are open).
Cell phone or a way to contact someone in case you need a ride home.
A print out of the route and ride cue sheet.

Ride Cue Sheet.

Maps or other type of route guidance device appropriate for the terrain should be your first method of navigation.
Always be aware of your route and be able to ride your route from memory. The cue sheet should serve as a secondary route guidance. It is provided so that you can use your hipster crayon and draw the route on your parchment paper map. You’re beautiful with your cut off chino’s and and deep cut collar patagonia adventure shirt, I look forward to riding bikes with you.

Proceed North onto Brook Street0.0
Right onto Little John Road0.1
Little John Becomes Lowry at the intersection of Donahue1.0
Proceed onto Lowery Road1.9
Right onto VT 1103.7
Left onto Turnpike Road4.7
Veer Left  onto Hart Hollow Road4.9
Proceed onto Hart Hollow Road, be with the group if you aren’t sure.5.0
Proceed onto Hart Hollow Road7.3
Proceed onto Hart Hollow Road9.6
Hart Hollow Rd. Becomes Washington Turnpike10.5
Proceed onto Washington Turnpike12.2
Right on Upper Village Road/Corinth Rd12.6
Left on VT 110 Immediate right for Bobbin Shop Rd. Steep Climb!13.5
Right onto Bobbin Shop Road, Steep Climb13.6
Veer Right on Dodge Road16.3
Proceed onto Dodge Road17.3
Left onto Gillman Hill Road17.8
Right onto Old Schoolhouse Road (May not be passable)18.1
If not Proceed straight Roughly 1 Mile on Gillman Hill Rd. to Turn Right on Williamstown RD, Williams Town Rd. for around 2 miles to Edwards Rd. Mileage is now incorrect for Edwards Rd. Turn.18.8
Left onto Edwards Road18.8
Proceed onto Edwards Road18.9
Edwards Becomes Williamstown Road19.6
Proceed onto Williamstown Road19.7
Williamstown Rd Becomes  Hopkins Road20.0
Right Turn  onto Cemetery Road20.7
Continue Straight Cemetery Rd. Becomes Class 4  Lighthouse Hill Road/Town Highway 64 / Legal Trail 120.9
Continue on Town Highway 64 / Legal Trail 121.0
Proceed onto Town Highway 64 / Legal Trail 121.7
Continue on Lighthouse Hill Road/Town Highway 64 / Legal Trail 121.9
Right onto South Hill Road22.5
Left onto Carpenter Road (looks like a field entrance, extreme mud possible, Carpenter is a left into the trees. Do NOT go straight, those are private trails. Please respect the kind  landowners. Do not explore without permission. (They will usually give it if you ask)22.9
Carpenter Road turns immediate left into the trees next to the field
Extreme mud is very likely. Easy to hike a bike around.
Proceed onto Carpenter Road24.0
Right onto Chelsea Road24.1
Left on Grandview Road Be sure to be with the group or know this area well before proceeding. If unsure and separated it’s time to call home. It’s easy to get lost here.25.1
Proceed onto Grandview Road25.1
Proceed onto Grandview Road25.9
Grandview becomes Tower Road28.1
Tower Rd becomes Clough Road/Drury Hill Road at the Robar Rd/McCarthy Rd intersection.30.5
Continue on Clough Road/Drury Hill Road30.5
Clough Road/Drury Hill Road becomes Graniteville Road at Donahue intersection/pavement.30.7
Right on Graniteville RD31.9
Enter the Barre Town Bike Path on the right side of the road32.1
Turn Right and pass in front of Barre Town Middle/Elementary School33.2
Turn Right on Websterville Rd. (Paved, No Shoulder  35 MPH Speed Limit)33.3
Stay Right onto Church Hill Rd34.3
Continue straight on Little John Rd34.6
Turn Right on Brook St. Continue on Brook St. to Parking roughly at mile 35
OR continue straight for the optional Say Hello to Olivia Segment
OPTIONAL: Right turn on Sebet Rd (34.86) Left Turn on Brook Street (34.9)
Shout Hello Olivia at 34.88 the second house on the left34.88
Ride ends at Approx. 35.05 miles35.05

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